World Publishing Expo 2018 Final Report 展会详细介绍 (编辑:Ms.HY - 691)编辑日期:2018年10月23日
Publishing and Content Expos underscore their importance for the industry

    4,985 visits, 193 exhibitors and 100+ speakers met in Berlin
    Global make-up and visitor quality set IFRA & DCX apart

News media executives and content professionals gathered in Berlin last week for the dual IFRA World Publishing and DCX Digital Content Expos, evaluating the industry’s latest innovations, business trends and technologies. With nearly 5,000 visits, 193 exhibitors and more than 100 speakers, the Expos demonstrated the importance of sharing best-practice with peers and technology providers worldwide.

Attendance was slightly higher than last year and once again very international (56 countries). The same was true of the number of exhibitors (from 23 countries). On four stages, experts from around the world talked about the opportunities and challenges currently facing publishers, as well as the strategies and solutions needed to thrive in today’s media landscape – from content production, newsroom organisation, leveraging smart data, workflow efficiencies, and monetising content, to optimising production, and embracing new business models (also for print) and corresponding technologies.

New partnerships with different publishing and content associations strengthened the still young DCX Digital Content Expo, which drew more than 100 exhibitors in its second edition, including 24 start-ups.

Joining forces

In particular, exhibitors were very satisfied with the high quality of visitors and the diverse geographical markets they represent. Visitors emphasised the importance of the event as a global platform to exchange ideas with like-minded people and to join forces in difficult times for news publishers. “Gatherings like this are of critical importance because we have people on the stage who are delivering exciting information about innovative approaches to storytelling, to analysis, to developing the audience. In the display area, there are plenty of vendors who are showing tools that accomplish the states,” says Michael Golden, President of WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Media.

“IFRA and DCX 2018, and the recent market trend reports published by WAN-IFRA, attest that the news publishing industry is moving decisively from an economy of product to an economy of experience. Developing high value-added services is more critical than ever in the global digital competition, and publishers have an important role in building and deploying new technologies to shape this new economy. With IFRA and DCX, WAN-IFRA is proud to offer an unrivalled marketplace and networking opportunity to get a grip on these major technical trends,” adds Vincent Peyrègne, CEO of WAN-IFRA.

Celebrating print

At an evening event after the first exhibition day, WAN-IFRA honoured 13 new members of the International Color Quality Club 2018–2020 (ICQC). In addition, the finalists for the new Print Innovatio Awards in various categories were awarded in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Photo gallery of award winners.

Further coverage can be found at the Expo website, the WAN-IFRA Blog and the Expo YouTube Channel. The photo gallery of the Expo can be found here.

Next year’s IFRA World Publishing Expo and DCX Digital Content Expo will again be held at the Messe Berlin fairground, from 8 to 10 October 2019.

参展企业(Exhibitors):193 / 观众人数(Visitors):4985 /


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