Istanbul Water Expo Water 2016 Final Report 展会详细介绍 (编辑:Ms.HY - 1019)编辑日期:2016年12月13日
IWE Istanbul Water Expo Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Exhibition and Conference hosted 3.677 visitors! Gathering the players of the water and waste water treatment technologies sector under a single roof and recognized as the first and only specialized exhibition of the sector, IWE Istanbul Water Expo attracted a great deal of attention. The exhibition hosted 3.677 professional visitors.
IWE Istanbul Water Expo which brought together the players of the water and waste water treatment technologies industry between 1 – 3 September 2016, has been organized with support from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkish Republic, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs of Turkish Republic, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, Ilbank, Union of Municipalities of Turkey, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ISKI, KOSGEB and Izmir Chamber of Commerce.
The conference organized alongside the exhibition served as a platform that supported further development and globalization of the sector, and helped increase the level of public awareness regarding use of “water” in our country where water resources are limited. The conference attracted a great deal of interest from the sector’s professionals.
Organized by EUF – E Uluslararası Fuarcılık, an affiliate of ITE Turkey which is the organizer of leading exhibitions in the leading sectors of Turkey, the 2nd İstanbul Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Exhibition and Conference – IWE Istanbul Water Expo hosted 3.677 visitors. The exhibition introduced to sector’s professionals at Istanbul Expo Center, the latest technologies and advancements regarding sustainable utilization of water resources, water management, water and wastewater treatment and recycling.
This year, IWE Istanbul Water Expo hosted over 190 companies and their affiliates from numerous countries including Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. The exhibition brought together decision makers from state organizations, water and sewage administrations, municipalities and other public institutions as well as industrialists, investors and officials of operator companies from the private sector to set the future direction of the water and wastewater technologies industry and offered new business opportunities to sector’s professionals via the commercial platform it created. The exhibition also featured a buyers delegation program organized by ITE Turkey whereby buyers delegation from United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman and Jordan were hosted.

参展企业(Exhibitors):190 / 观众人数(Visitors):3677 /

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