SITL Europe 2016 Final Report 展会详细介绍 (编辑:Ms.HY - 1151)编辑日期:2016年12月6日

With  770  exhibitors  and  attended  by  36 341  professionals,  the  International  Week  of Transport  and  Logistics  held  from  the  22nd  to  the  25th  March  2016  at  Paris-Nord Villepinte was a clear success.

Opening  in  the  dramatic  context  of  the  Brussels  attacks, SITL  Europe,  Intralogistics Europe  and  Transport  Next  Generation  suffered  a  slight  fall  in  attendance,  notably  from international  visitors.  French  transport  and  logistics  decision  makers  however  attended  in force.  Exhibitors  expressed satisfaction  and  optimism  about results from  the many  contacts made  on  their  stands.  The  new  business  meetings  and  contact  formulas  introduced  at  the three events contributed to an increased number of meetings between visitors who arrived at the  show  with  concrete  projects  and  the  exhibitors who  were  able  to  provide  them  with relevant solutions.

Content  matched  the  level  of  the  event  with 112  conferences  in  8  highlighted  subjects(green logistics, urban logistics, cold chain, industrial logistics, e-commerce, mutualisation & digitalisation,  distribution  networks,  future  for  logistics)  and 9  specialised  programmes(World  Transport  &  Logistics  Forum,  European  Rail  Freight  Day,  Maritime  Day,  African Logistics  Conference,  Overseas  Day,  Dangerous  Goods,  Connecting  Inland  Waterways, Intralogistics,  Innovative  Transport  Equipment).  Developed  in  partnership  with  the  Reed Exhibitions  Transport  &  Logistics  team,  the  3rd  World  Transport  &  Logistics  Forum  brought together  speakers  from  various  countries  to  exchange  views  on  the  new  competitive challenges  of  international  logistics.  In  total,  more  than 350  speakers  presented  their expertise and 6000 participants attended the conferences. 

The Innovation Gallery was very competitive with 58 entries. 7 winners were recognised at the 16th Innovation Awards Ceremony and the new StartUp ontest. The latter illustrated the proliferation of new offerings coming out of the digital revolution, providing a fresh impulse to the  sector.  The  jury’s  decision  to  reward Shippeo, Wing  and Wetruck  confirms  this. Innovation was also present amongst suppliers, as illustrated by the victory of FM Logistic in the Services category. 

Finally, Axegaz  won  the  Transport  Next  Generation category  for  its  development  of  a  LNG distribution solution, Neopost Shipping was the winner of the Intralogistics category for the automation of packaging chains and Barjane took the Logistics Real Estate category for its logistics  hubs  that  are  environmentally  friendly  and  contribute  to  the  well  being  of  Auchan personnel. Innovation  and  the  discovery of new products  remain  the  principal  reason for visiting SITL.

More than ever SITL is the largest international meeting providing information and exchanges  for  the  industry.“The  big  social  challenges are at the  heart  of  this  33rd edition”underlined Hervé Juvin,essayist and President of the  Eurogroup Observatory,  a  key  speaker  at  the  opening  plenary  conference  of  the  event.  The  terrorist menace  demands  a  rethink  of  network  security.  Preservation  of  the  environment  and  well being at work are at the heart of issues in the sector. Technological progress contributes to a more fluid information exchange while reducing the drudgery of day-to-day tasks. The growth in  numbers  of  connected  and  globalised consumers’demands constant  innovation  from manufacturers,  retailers  and  the  transport  and  logistics  providers  looking  for  new  growth areas. 

The French Government in the form of Alain Vidalies, the Secretary of State for Transport, Fisheries  and  the  Sea,used the event to announce the national logistics  strategy “France Logistique 2025”. 

At the same time Mohammed  Najib  Boulif,  Morocco’s  Deputy Minister in charge of Transport inaugurated the 1st African Logistics Conference underlining the development potential of the African continent. 

The  week  ended  in  an  unprecedented  way  with  a  panel  composed  exclusively  of  female transport, logistics, supply chain and human resour
ces who discussed the new profiles and skill sets for operational excellence. Alain Bagnaud, Managing Director of the event, expressed warm thanks to all the actors involved in the ongoing success of SITL: exhibitors and visitors of course but also the event partners,  media,   professional   organisations   and   all   those   taking   part   in   the   steering committees contributing, all year long, to the preparation of the show and its content.

Next  meeting  from  the  14th  to  the  16th  March  2017  for  the  34th edition  of  SITL,  the  5thedition  of Intralogistics  and  the  3rd  edition  of  Transport  Next  Generation,  held for  thefirst  time  in  the  Pavilion  1,  Porte  de  Versailles, or  at  one  of  the  16  Reed  Exhibitions Transport & Logistics events worldwide.

参展企业(Exhibitors):770 / 观众人数(Visitors):36341 /

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